Kiss Me Kill Me

Kiss Me Kill Me

Show notes

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, this week, we discussed the 2015 tiger-centric film Kiss Me Kill Me, a neo-noir Hollywood thrilller directed by two-time We Read Movies director Casper Andreas. When Dusty Young's rich fiance is murdered in what looks, to everyone but the characters in the movie, like a robbery gone wrong, he is blamed for the murder. Now, with the help of some sassy lesbians and a hypnotist drag queen, he'll have to find the real killer, clear his name and maybe find love along the way.

Topics discussed:

  1. Sexual nicknames
  2. Shangela Laquifa Wadley
  3. How soon after your fiance is murdered is TOO soon to start a new relationship
  4. How long sperm live
  5. Tiger dicks
  6. Chris takes a break from describing the plot of this movie to describe the plot of a porno

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